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How to write a REAL ESTATE CONTACT PAGE: Design examples and CONTACT-US TEMPLATES included

You may be asking “What can I possibly write in a real estate contact page?” Here’s the problem: Most real estate contact pages only contain contact info and a sign-up form, but nothing in them to compel visitors to take action.

I’m sure you already know the importance of your real estate contact page – it’s the primary way your real estate website gains prospects online. But in my years of experience analyzing online traffic, most clicks on contact pages end in a bounce – visitors almost never sign up or call.

Watching that happen causes the most frustration when performing web analysis – seeing interested website visitors that are not driven to leave their information or give you a call. Everyone says “Call now” and “Subscribe here” in their web page. That means, it’s time to differentiate yourself.

So let’s fix that!

Add copywriting to your real estate contact page using concise language that reveals the value you provide – your value proposition. Now, read on to uncover how to write a real estate contact page so it converts visitors into prospects quickly.

The two most-important conversion landing pages on your real estate website

Both your real estate contact page and your real estate about page make up the two most-important pages on your site. The reason for that is simple: Those who click on either one are your most-valuable online visitors – those who’re interested in YOU.

Neither of these pages generate traffic. To explain, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depends on your home page, blog articles, and other content on your website. But once they arrive, those visitors who have buyer or seller intent will naturally check those to find out more.

Since your real estate about page usually comes first, check out How to write a REAL ESTATE ABOUT PAGE: Get examples and ABOUT-US TEMPLATES too! for a comprehensive explanation on how to write your real estate about page.

Your real estate contact page design and layout

Far too many real estate website designers place real estate contact pages at the bottom of their priority list in terms of copywriting and design. It’s easy to think that if they click on your real estate contact page, they’ll leave their information and call you. Now you know that’s not true.

Your real estate contact page is not where you put your story. That goes in your about page. But, along with great copywriting and your value proposition, your real estate contact page must have great calls to action – CTAs.

Then comes the design and layout of your real estate contact page. Being the page with the least amount of content, it must be laid out in a way the leads your online visitors to sign up. And, it must have good visual impact.

Present your value proposition in a nutshell

When you read through my article regarding your real estate about page, you’ll see a comprehensive explanation about how to add your value proposition to your story. Here, you must shorten your content and lay it out in a nutshell.

First, take a look at how “value proposition” is defined by Investopia:

“Your value proposition refers to the value you promise to deliver to customers should they choose to buy or sell. It’s part of your overall marketing strategy. Also, it provides a declaration of intent or a statement that introduces your brand to consumers by telling them what you stand for, how you operate, and why you deserve their business.”

Next is a break down of all the aspects that form a great “value proposition.”

Lay out the value you promise to deliver to your prospects

Start by summarizing why your online visitors should buy or sell through you. Craft it to communicate how they’ll receive the highest possible value from you. Answer and highlight exactly how they’ll benefit from choosing you over another agent in your region.

Your experience, accomplishments, and education are part of your value proposition – it’s what your online visitors initially look for. But, include statements showing them how they’ll benefit. That will entice them to act.

Uncover how to portray your value proposition properly

As a real estate professional, you know that you need to attract prospects with more than just a real estate license. You’re not a commodity. You’re the professional they will count on to deliver the best deals and the friendliest service in your region.

Portray your value proposition with social proof – what your previous clients are saying about you. Although your website should have a testimonials section with feedback and star ratings, pick a good one or two to repeat in your real estate about page.

Slip testimonials into your real estate contact page content as relevant examples. Each time you present a value proposition, add some proof to close the deal. If they’re naturally convinced while reading, they’ll convert by signing up!

Add phrases like that strategically throughout your real estate contact page content. It will turn your real estate contact page into a well-oiled lead-generating machine at the top of your sales funnel.

Use effective phrases in your real estate contact page content

Next, use a few single effective sentences or phrases – like taglines, to communicate how you will benefit your potential buyer or seller. Say something like:

“Referrals are the highest compliments I receive.”

Below that, give an actual example of a sale you made from a referral.

Nine effective value-proposition phrases

Effective value proposition phrases must be easy to understand. And, they should be delivered in bite-sized pieces. Since they demonstrate specific results your clients will receive when using your services, use them well.

Use these value-proposition phrases in your real estate contact page:

  1. The ability to anticipate needs and desires are what makes [NAME] stand out
  2. Personal attention is what [NAME] is known for among [HIS or HER] clients
  3. Previous clients naturally return to [NAME] when they buy a new home
  4. Previous clients always come to [NAME] with questions about the area
  5. [NAME] enjoys working with families who’re not sure what to look for
  6. [NAME] will educate and inform you throughout the entire process
  7. [NAME] provides you with the latest tools to sell your home fast
  8. [NAME] is a trusted member of the local community
  9. [NAME] always has YOUR best interest in mind

BONUS phrase to establish great client connections:

[NAME] will support you beyond the sale and become an endeared friend

Show them how you’ll stick around through thick and thin as their endeared friend.

As you write, avoid these two things that reduce conversion:

  • Using formal language – visitors prefer friendly conversation here – don’t sound like a robot
  • Industry jargon and terminology isn’t what they’re looking for – teach them the lingo later

The truth is, online visitors are more likely to connect with a friendly voice. Therefore, avoid speaking in a language they don’t understand well.

Seven value proposition examples for your contact page

  1. Knowledge and experience defines your winning ability to sell real estate in your area
  2. Your attention to detail is impeccable – clients count on you to deliver accuracy
  3. Personal attention is what you’re know for among your previous clients
  4. Educating your clients about the process is one of your top priorities
  5. You’re able to negotiate the lowest price – best deal for your buyers
  6. You’re a trusted member of your local community
  7. You bring in the best clients for your sellers

Aspects that go into your real estate contact page

Here, I’ll start with a list and then explain each aspect that goes into your real estate contact page to effectively capture prospects from those who click on this very-important web page.

  1. Copywriting that includes your value proposition
  2. Contact information: Phone, email, and social media accounts
  3. Statement about how you look forward to meeting them
  4. Statement about how you’ll get back to them quickly
  5. CTAs (Calls To Action) for buyers and sellers
  6. Location information like a Google Map
  7. Social Proof from client testimonials
  8. Contact form to collect their information

How to strategically write copy to get people to take action:

First, avoid unnecessary copy. The purpose of your real estate contact page is to be direct – asking them to contact YOU. If your copywriting isn’t focused on revealing how someone can contact you by using the some eight aspects above, or similar, it shouldn’t be there.

Remember, your real estate about page is where your story should go, so don’t concern yourself with that and avoid repeated content. Although your value proposition goes into your about page too, it should be more concise in your real estate contact page.

Finally, copywriting is the art of strategically delivering words that get people to take some form of action. To become proficient, invest time and energy in studying the craft – consider investing in a copywriting course to provide you the training you’ll need to write effectively.

Here’s a link to Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger. Forbes Magazine has this to say about Copyblogger in their article: How Brian Clark Built His Copyblogger Empire by Obsessing Over His Audience.

“Copyblogger is the most influential content marketing blog in the world.”

Add CTAs (Calls To Action) for both buyers and sellers

For sellers, provide your value proposition for them and include a “Sell your property” button – their CTA. Then, use a great CTA for buyers. Investment Properties Mexico places a CTA for buyers in their real estate about page that really caught my attention.

They offer two free phone consultation, one with an attorney and one for a self-directed IRA consultation. Indeed, what a skillful way to portray the value of a phone call!

The contact form within you real estate contact page

real estate contact page contact form, remexagent, greg hixon

Make sure you don’t ask for unnecessary information. As such, keep your contact form fields as short and to the point as possible.

The information you ask for must be minimized. This’ll not only make your real estate contact form is easier to fill out, but also, it’ll ensure your online visitors feel comfortable providing their information.

Formulate your real estate contact page using two examples for guidance

Let’s break down the many aspects that go into your real estate contact page. The first example is my personal design. It’s a complete, useable real estate contact page example in an active real estate website template.

Live example of an effective real estate contact page

Take a moment to scroll down through the real estate contact page example below. As you scroll through the content, notice how all of the aspects work together.

Then, see how the story ultimately leads the reader with buyer or seller intent right to the contact form. From the media to the colors and layout, this real estate contact page example strategically delivers results!

Real estate contact page from Investment Properties Mexico

Their real estate contact page isn’t perfect. But it’s a great example of an effective real estate about page with room to improve. That gives me an opportunity to provide feedback both for them and for you.

Now let’s take a look…

In this real estate contact page from Investment Properties Mexico, I was quite impressed by both the layout, spacing, and the content, which assures visitors from the United States and Canada that they speak “perfect” English.

Additional reassurances provided

Along with speaking English well, they mention that they’re in a key area in Mexico where Canadians and Americans love to purchase real estate:

“…just south of Cancun, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera in beautiful Playa del Carmen.”

No accolades revealed here

Although Investment Properties Mexico doesn’t reveal their accolades, their real estate about page does show the famous logos of where they’ve been featured.

I pointed this out to show room for improvement. I’ll update this post if they add their accolades on their real estate contact page too.

Simple and complete contact form

Though it’s simple, their contact form is just right. It asks for the bare minimum, but enough to lock in a prospect. In fact, it’s a bad idea to ask for any more than that, at first. You want them to act…

One more improvement would be to add a couple of CTAs (Calls To Action). I recommend they add those before the contact form, both for buyers and sellers.

Show your accolades to build trust and confidence

Generally best placed near your contact form itself, your accolades truly build trust and confidence with your audience. And when your online visitors get down to your sign-up form, they will see your accolades when it’s time to fill out your contact form – like a little push.

Arrange your certifications, awards, and any mentions in the press in a way that is easily seen. Be sure to use a heading and short description. And again, make sure you reveal your value proposition subtly within the content so they can see how your accolades will help them.

real estate about page accolades

Three CONTACT-US TEMPLATES to make your own

Below are three contact-us templates to fill out and use within your own real estate contact page. Make sure you throw in relevant quotes from previous clients along with your accolades.

You don’t have any mentions in the press yet? Problem easily solved! Write an article for your local newspaper or request an interview. Then, reference that within your real estate contact page. The more credibility you add, the higher the chance of conversion.

Contact Us Page Template #1

Welcome to [REAL ESTATE BUSINESS NAME], where you always get the best deals in [CITY] and are presented with the best buyers for your property. Rest assured, [NAME] has a successful track record you can count on!

[NAME] is excited to meet you and show you how [HE or SHE] excels in high-quality personal service. That translates to you receiving a great experience from start-to-finish, in a friendly and professional way.

[NAME] always loves helping families find great deals – [HE or SHE] is an amazing negotiator. That means, you will get the best possible deal through [NAME].

As a trusted member of the local community, you’ll benefit from working with [NAME]. [HE or SHE] will have your back throughout the process, keeping you educated and up-to-date. [NAME] is always available to answer your questions.

Contact Us Page Template #2

[NAME] has been finding great deals on homes in [CITY] since [DATE]. So whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in [CITY], [HE or SHE] has a successful track record you can count on!

[NAME] looks forward to meeting you and showing you how [HE or SHE] delivers high-quality personal service. As you’ll see, that translates to a great experience from the start.

[NAME] uses [HIS or HER] expertise using the latest technology to ensure [HE or SHE] stays on top of the real estate market in [CITY]. That means, no stone will be left unturned.

By keeping an eye on the latest real estate market trends, [NAME] optimizes your buying or selling power – [HE or SHE] is an authority in the [CITY] real estate market for that very reason.

Contact Us Page Template #3

[NAME]’s success there is directly attributed to [HIS or HER] dedication to excellence in every aspect of the real estate market in [CITY].

[NAME] enjoys working with families who’re not quite sure what they want. [HIS or HER] ability to anticipate the needs and desires of those buying or selling their home in [CITY] are exactly what makes [HIM or HER] stand out in the crowd.

[NAME] looks forward to meeting you. [HE or SHE] wants to show you just how [HE or SHE] delivers high-quality personal service. As you’ll see, that translates to a great experience from start to finish.

Now you know great real estate contact page design!

Quick note: There’s another important webpage that almost always falls short – your real estate about page. It too is one of the most important page on your real estate website.

As mentioned earlier, your real estate about page probably gets clicked before they click on your real estate contact page. Therefore, be sure to check out How to write a REAL ESTATE ABOUT PAGE: Get examples and ABOUT-US TEMPLATES too! for a comprehensive explanation on how to write and implement your real estate about page.

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