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How to write a REAL ESTATE ABOUT PAGE: Get examples and ABOUT-US TEMPLATES too!

When setting up your real estate website, there’s a web page to include that is terribly under-estimated. And, it just happens to be one of your most-important pages on your website. It’s your real estate about page, and it delivers your real estate bio and value proposition, strategically.

As you’ll see, there’s a solid reason why your real estate about page is so important. Before a buyer or seller contacts you, they’re going to check you out first. That means, your real estate about page receives your most-valuable online traffic – those who’re interested in YOU.

Now, continue reading to uncover how to write a real estate about page that converts visitors into prospects before they leave your real estate website.

Why people click on “about-us” pages and what they expect to see in your real estate about page

Before I begin, let’s start with two quick answers from NN/g – Nielson Norman Group. They were the first to coin the term UX – User Experience. And, they live and breath statistics that show us how to create online content that gets attention.

#1 – Why people click on real estate about pages:

According to NN/g, “about-us” pages are “important and accessed by many different types of users in a variety of scenarios.” This is one key audience from their short list:

Job seekers who were attracted by one of your opportunities and want to learn about the organization before applying”

“Job seekers” you ask? Well, try swapping the words “job seekers” with “home buyers.” You’ll find that it fits very well. To explain, home buyers are also attracted to your opportunities. That means, they’ll learn about you before deciding to contact you.

#2 – What people expect from an “about-us” page:

This is a statement from the same NN/g article:

“Users expect About Us sections to be clear, authentic, and transparent.”

NN/g reveals exactly HOW to be authentic and transparent

“Organizations that stand out from the crowd in favorable ways used tactics that helped them appear authentic and transparent. Those tactics included:

  • Storytelling
  • Using realistic photography
  • Showcasing unbiased reviews
  • Offering multiple channels to connect with a real person”

Fortunately for you, most real estate agent websites underutilize their real estate about page. They just don’t do them right, as I’ve seen for years, and for many many hours just recently. As such, this provides you with a simple way to gain a competitive edge online.

Now, uncover this amazing yet unrecognized opportunity!

Use the following table-of-contents to jump to any part in this article if you wish to return to a specific section for a second read. Although quite scannable to find what you need quickly, you’ll benefit greatly from completely reading through this article first – and be sure to take notes!

Publish a real estate about page that delivers!

Being such an important web page on your site, your real estate about page MUST deliver. In order for that to happen, just follow the simple yet strategic guidelines revealed in this article. Then, start with one of the about-us templates provided below and personalize it.

Although this page doesn’t increase traffic to your real estate website, it will catch the eye of almost every potential buyer and seller that visits your site. And since your real estate about page contains your real estate agent bio and your value proposition, make it count!

Take, personalize, and use the provided about-us templates

After reading through this article, you’ll find it easy to modify your favorite about-us template from below. Then, expand it from there by combining two or three to make a fully custom version to call your own.

Differentiate yourself in your real estate about page content

Generally presented within your mission statement, reveal your unique vision – tell your online visitors what differentiates you from the other agents in your region. To explain, highlight those differences that set you apart.

Since your personal story must differentiate you from your competition, reveal the challenges you’ve faced and overcome. And if you connect those challenges to the status quo, you’ll be seen as a game-changer.

A successful industry game changer creates an improved market structure to benefit clients. Therefore, reveal ways you’ve improved how real estate transactions are conducted in your area. And, show how you’ve faced this high-risk endeavor head on.

As an example, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp challenged the status quo and became game changers back in 2009. They did this by creating the Uber app and the rest was history.

Now, let’s prepare you to write a real estate about page that really delivers…

Before writing your real estate about page, uncover its real purpose – it’s not about you

Now that you’ve seen the importance of your real estate about page, let’s dive into the real purpose it serves. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a page that is viewed at least once by almost every potential prospect that visits your site – those with buyer or seller intent.

Your about page introduces you to your potential prospects. Therefore, share who you are and why you decided to become a real estate professional. Then, mention your vision and your mission. Also, reveal how you plan to grow, if you’re not already number-one in your region.

Treat your real estate about page like your resume and keep it updated. Also, the more you share about yourself, strategically, the closer your online visitors will connect with you. And when you show them how each aspect of YOU will benefit them, their enticement will grow.

Your real estate about page is at the top of your sales funnel

Along with advertising your mission, your background, and your accomplishments, your real estate about page is a potential sales machine at the top of your funnel. And if it’s a well-oiled machine – one that truly performs, every aspect of it will entice visitors to become prospects.

If your online visitors click your real estate about page to view your real estate agent bio, that means, they’re potentially hot leads – they’re checking you out to see if you’re the right agent for them. Therefore, convert them quickly before they move to another agent’s website.

Write your real estate about page to gain prospects

real estate about page, real estate agent bio, about-us templates, remexagent, greg hixon

Being at the top of your sales funnel, your about page really can be your best lead-capturing machine. That’s because, no matter how many real estate landing pages you already use, almost every website visitor with buyer or seller intent will click on your real estate about page first.

Since those with buyer or seller intent want to learn about you before introducing themselves, lead them there. If compelled, they’ll provide their personal info – their name, email, phone number, and so on, in order to find out more.

RECEIVING THEIR PERSONAL INFO: Your visitor’s introduction

Actual buyers and sellers want to meet the agent behind the website before introducing themselves. As such, entice them into providing their personal information BEFORE they leave. And trust me, you need to say much more than just “Subscribe Here.”

Learn exactly how to entice them to sign up to your email list. What do I mean by enticement? Start by making it about them. Then, drive them to WANT to introduce themselves to you, without any pressure.

Drive your prospects home on your real estate about page

Lead them home with your well-written story. And make it about how prospects will benefit from working with you. Below, you’ll get some great ideas and examples to use when writing your real estate about page. Your success is my goal, so your client’s success can be your reachable goal.

Yes, potential buyers and sellers do want to see what makes you special. But if you reveal how you’ll benefit them throughout your content, enticement will turn into conversion. In short, that’s your “value proposition.” Use it well to receive many more signups to your email list.

Your value proposition – sprinkle it throughout your real estate agent bio content in your about page

First, let’s see how Investopia defines “value proposition”:

“A value proposition refers to the value you promise to deliver to customers should they choose to buy or sell. It’s part of your overall marketing strategy. Also, it provides a declaration of intent or a statement that introduces your brand to consumers by telling them what you stand for, how you operate, and why you deserve their business.”

Let’s break down the aspects that form a good “value proposition.”

Lay out the value you promise to deliver to your prospects

Start by summarizing why your online visitors should buy or sell through you. Craft it to communicate how they’ll receive the highest possible value from you. Answer and highlight exactly how they’ll benefit from choosing you over another real estate agent in your region.

Your experience, accomplishments, and education will be part of your value proposition – it’s what your online visitors initially look for. But, when you write your story in an interesting way, including statements that show them how they’ll benefit, their enticement will turn into action.

Uncover how to portray your value proposition properly

As a real estate professional, you know that you need to attract prospects with more than just a real estate license. You’re not a commodity. You’re the professional they will count on to deliver the best deals and the friendliest service in your region.

Portray your value proposition with social proof – what your previous clients are saying about you. Although your website should have a testimonials section with feedback and star ratings, pick a good one or two to repeat in your real estate about page.

Slip testimonials into your real estate about page content as relevant examples. Whenever you reveal a value proposition within your real estate agent bio, add some proof to close the deal on each statement you make. If they’re naturally convinced while reading, you’ve got them!

Use memorable statements in your real estate agent bio content

Next, use a few single memorable sentences or phrases – like taglines, to communicate how you will benefit your potential buyer or seller. Say something like:

“Referrals are the highest compliments I receive.”

Then, give an actual example of a sale you made from a referral.

Sprinkle statements like that strategically throughout your real estate about page content. And be sure to include it as part of your story so it’ll fit in well. This is what turns your real estate agent bio and about page into that lead-generating machine at the top of your sales funnel.

Nine effective value-proposition statements to use

Use any of these value-proposition statements for yourself:

  1. [NAME] provides you with the latest tools to sell your home fast
  2. Previous clients always come to [NAME] with questions about the area
  3. Previous clients naturally return to [NAME] when they buy a new home
  4. [NAME] is a trusted member of the local community
  5. [NAME] enjoys working with families who’re not sure what to look for
  6. The ability to anticipate needs and desires are what makes [NAME] stand out
  7. [NAME] always has YOUR best interest in mind
  8. Personal attention is what [NAME] is known for among [HIS or HER] clients
  9. [NAME] will educate and inform you throughout the entire process

BONUS statement to establish great client connections:

[NAME] will support you beyond the sale and become an endeared friend

That leads us to the next important aspect of your value proposition – your client connections. Show them how you’ll stick around through thick and thin as their endeared friend.

Write a real estate about page for client connections

Your client connections become your bread and butter as you grow. So, aim at appealing to their feelings. Then, establish relationships that engender ongoing loyalty to you and your brand. Interestingly, some of the most famous brands use this as a primary driver for their brand loyalty.

When writing, avoid two things that reduce conversion rates:

  • Sounding too formal – people prefer friendly conversation here – don’t sound like a robot
  • Industry jargon and terminology isn’t what they’re looking for – teach them the lingo later

As I’ve seen in the majority of real estate about pages, most agents make them sound formal. They probably do this to sound credible and trustworthy. But the truth is, online visitors are more likely to connect with a friendly voice. Avoid speaking a language they don’t understand.

Examples to direct your thinking before you start writing

Below is a statement I use in my own real estate about page example. It’s based on the real estate broker I personally worked for in the past – Susie Flinn in Rocky Point, Mexico. Almost every day, old friends of hers stop by to say hello. Those old friends are mostly previous clients.

Feel free to use the following about-us statement in your own real estate about up page. But keep in mind, there are three comprehensive about-us templates that you can make your own, just a little further down.

Here’s a statement I use in my own “about-us template”:

Ever since [DATE], [NAME] has been building and maintaining many long-term relationships with [HIS or HER] previous clients. As such, they always come to [HIM or HER] when they have questions, to say hi, or when they’re ready to upgrade to another home in [CITY].

Effective value propositions are always easy to understand when delivered in bite-sized pieces. And, they demonstrate specific results your clients will receive when using your services.

Use the following examples to portray the value you offer your clients:

Seven value proposition examples you may use

  1. You’re able to negotiate the lowest price – best deal for your buyers
  2. You bring in the best clients for your sellers
  3. Educating your clients about the process is one of your top priorities
  4. Personal attention is what you’re know for among your previous clients
  5. Your attention to detail is impeccable – clients always count on you to deliver accuracy
  6. Knowledge and experience defines your winning ability to sell real estate in your area
  7. You’re a trusted member of your local community

Finally, when you include those bite-sized pieces within the story about you, they will be easy to digest, all while working within the sub-conscience of your online visitors.

That’s the magic of conversion – the building of interest and confidence while leading your visitors to sign up to become prospects.

Build trust and confidence by showing your accolades being transparent

Generally best placed near your contact form, your accolades truly build trust and confidence with your audience. And when your online visitors get down to your sign-up form, they’ll see your accolades when it’s time to fill out your contact form – like a little push.

Arrange your certifications, awards, and any mentions in the press in a way that is easily seen. Be sure to use a heading and short description. And again, make sure you reveal your value proposition subtly within the content so they can see how your accolades will help them.

real estate about page accolades

Your transparency reveals what’s happening behind the scenes

Use transparency as a marketable asset. Although your conversations with buyers and sellers are private, use generalized examples within your real estate about page that reflect the type of conversations that occur. This will also prepare them psychologically ahead of time.

Reveal some angles you came up with that really made the difference and brought about an awesome sale. Show how you got a better price for your buyer or how you fetched a higher price for your seller.

As an example, sellers that want a higher-than-market-value for their property must have something unique to offer. As such, prepare a generalized statement from your conversation with them – reveal how you were able to present unique features that attracted higher dollars.

One great example is an older beach home that is closer to the beach than current regulations allow – it was built before those regulations were written – it was “grandfathered in.” In other words, this is the only house in the area THAT close to the beach!

Display your amazing numbers and stats

Numbers portray your credibility, especially if you’re illustrating problems you’ve solved or progress you’ve made. As such, show off the number of homes you’ve sold or how many years you’ve been a real estate agent in your area.

Use stats on your real estate about page to make a point about your mission or to quantify the impact you’ve made in your local real estate market.

Highlighting the milestones you’ve passed successfully. Then, tie in some eye-catching figures within your narrative. And, make sure you present how that benefits your clients.

Remember this…

When real estate professionals deliver on their promises, users are willing to write them glowing reviews and recommend them to friends, colleagues, and family. Therefore, display how you’ve done that in the past and your credibility will grow by leaps an bounds.

Formulate your real estate about page using two examples for guidance

Let’s break down the many aspects that go into your real estate agent bio. The first example is my personal design. It’s a complete, useable real estate about page example in an active real estate website template.

The second example I personally found after quite a heavy dig – it took a lot of time to find a good one. This gem of an example is absolutely exceptional! For that reason, I’ll break it down for you and I’ll briefly describe each part of it.

Live example from an effective about-us template design:

Take a moment to scroll down through the real estate about page example below. As you scroll through the content, notice how all of the aspects work together.

Then, see how the story ultimately leads the reader with buyer or seller intent right to the contact form. From the media to the colors and layout, this real estate about page example strategically delivers results!

As you write your own real estate about page, please avoid creating a wall of text. Instead, deliver bite-size pieces so your readers will remain focused. When your content provides value propositional motivation, those readers with buyer or seller intent will truly sign up for more!

Real estate about page from Investment Properties Mexico

When you read the other articles out there that cover about pages, the examples they give are nice and informative, but not real estate specific. As such, I spent the time to find a real gem from the clutter of bad real estate about page examples online.

Now, check out the following example of a great real estate about page…

In this real estate about page from Investment Properties Mexico, I was initially impressed by how they broke up the layout into sections with nice spacing. But what really stands out is the content.

How they start their content

Right out of the gate, their about page hit’s the bullseye by making it about you:

“We want to help you do more and live better with a premier experience.”

They reveal their accolades

Next, Investment Properties Mexico covers their accolades, showing the famous logos of where they’ve been featured. See how they display it all in a brief and simple way.

Mission and Vision accomplished

In bite-sized pieces, their Mission and Vision statements quickly follow. Notice how this section breaks up the content quite beautifully.

Further down below what’s shown in the image, they share two videos, summarize their services, and offer three CTAs (Call To Actions).

The first Call To Action is for sellers. Then, they offer to schedule a free phone consultation – what a skillful way to portray the value of a phone call. Finally, they provide a nice contact form near the bottom.

Having a professional look combined with nailing every important point near-perfectly, I was excited to add this as a great real estate about page example.

Use this story outline to reveal your narrative

Your narrative is your story that connects and explains your history and experience. As such, it reveals your success story. Therefore, craft a good narrative for your real estate about page by using the following outline:

  1. Start by setting the scene of your narrative: Briefly describe where you came from and your education. Only highlight a few key points in a concise way.
  2. Present the conflict you tackled: Reveal how your real estate market was underserved before you arrived on the scene to solve it.
  3. Show how you rose to the occasion: Present how and why you become a real estate agent – write your mission statement to entice your readers.
  4. State your unique solution to the conflict: Also in your mission statement, describe the ways you make the home-buying process better in your region.

Three ABOUT-US TEMPLATES to make your own

Below are three about-us templates that you can fill in and quickly use in your real estate about page – make them your own. Be sure to throw in relevant quotes from previous clients along with accolades and mentions in the press.

No mentions in the press yet? Write an article for your local paper or request an interview. Then, reference it within your real estate about page.

About Us Page Template #1

Hello, welcome to [REAL ESTATE BUSINESS NAME], where you always get the best deals in [CITY] and are presented with the best buyers for your property. As you’ll see, [NAME] has a successful track record you can count on!

[NAME] is excited to meet you and show you how [HE or SHE] excels in high-quality personal service. That translates to you receiving a great experience from start-to-finish, in a friendly and professional way.

Originally from [YOUR HOMETOWN], [NAME] received [DEGREE or CERT] from [LOCATION] and was a successful [PREVIOUS CAREER] prior to living [HIS or HER] dream as a real estate professional in [CITY].

[NAME] has always loved helping families find great deals – [HE or SHE] is a naturally great negotiator. After combining [HIS or HER] love for [CITY] with being a real “people person,” [HE or SHE] found real estate to be the perfect career choice.

Back in [DATE], [NAME] discovered that the real estate market in [CITY] was underserved. [HE or SHE] realized this after shopping for a home [HERSELF or HIMSELF]. The local real estate agents [DESCRIBE WHAT THEY LACKED]. That was [HIS or HER] lightbulb moment!

In the beginning, after carefully studying the area, speaking with home owners and meeting potential home buyers in [CITY], [NAME] prepared [HERSELF or HIMSELF] to be the best.

After you meet [NAME], you’ll realize [HE or SHE] is the right person for the job. And, [HE or SHE] is someone you’ll be happy to call a friend. In fact, [HIS or HER] previous clients always come to [HIM or HER] for questions about the area and to upgrade their home when ready to sell.

As a trusted member of the local community, you’ll benefit from working with [NAME]. [HE or SHE] will have your back throughout the process, keeping you educated and up-to-date. [NAME] is always available to answer your questions.

About Us Page Template #2

[NAME] has been finding great deals on homes in [CITY] since [DATE]. So whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in [CITY], [HE or SHE] has a successful track record you can count on!

Originally from [YOUR HOMETOWN], [NAME] received [DEGREE or CERT] from [LOCATION] and was a successful [PREVIOUS CAREER] prior to living [HIS or HER] dream as a real estate professional.

[NAME] looks forward to meeting you and showing you how [HE or SHE] delivers high-quality personal service. As you’ll see, that translates to a great experience from the start.

After discovering the need for a great real estate professional in [CITY], [NAME] took it upon [HERSELF or HIMSELF] to become the best in [HIS or HER] region.

Early on, [NAME] carefully studied the real estate market to understand the true value of individual properties within each community throughout [CITY]. That was the beginning of a real estate career that had a purpose: Find the best deals and attract the best buyers.

[NAME] uses [HIS or HER] expertise using the latest technology to ensure [HE or SHE] stays on top of the real estate market in [CITY]. That means, no stone will be left unturned.

By keeping an eye on the latest real estate market trends, [NAME] optimizes your buying or selling power – [HE or SHE] is an authority in the [CITY] real estate market for that very reason.

Being a trusted member of the local community, you will really benefit from working with [NAME]. [HE or SHE] has your back and will carefully lead you through the process.

About Us Page Template #3

Originally from [YOUR HOMETOWN], [NAME] is living [HIS or HER] dream as a real estate professional in [CITY]. And, [NAME]’s success there is directly attributed to [HIS or HER] dedication to excellence in every aspect of the real estate market in [CITY].

From the beginning, [NAME] has been on a mission to improve the real estate buying and selling process in [CITY] by streamlining the process using the latest technology. But of course, [HE or SHE] knows that you can’t beat high-quality personal service and attention.

[NAME] enjoys working with families who’re not quite sure what they want. [HIS or HER] ability to anticipate the needs and desires of those buying or selling their home in [CITY] are exactly what makes [HIM or HER] stand out in the crowd.

[NAME] looks forward to meeting you. [HE or SHE] wants to show you just how [HE or SHE] delivers high-quality personal service. As you’ll see, that translates to a great experience from start to finish.

Now you know great real estate about page design!

Quick note: There’s another important webpage that almost always falls short – your real estate contact page. Simply put, most contact page visitors bounce – they leave without signing up or calling. That means, you must convert them on the spot.

Here’s an article that reveals how to write your real estate contact page.

Please don’t forget to write your feedback or questions in the comments below. I respond fast, so feel free to ask me anything and I’ll provide the answer you need right away. And, I really look forward to hearing your feedback and additional ideas.

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